Join us & say goodbye to low income

We understand problems of owning, running and maintaining a petrol vehicles thus, we provide drivers joining TOCAL an electric vehicle

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Earn minimum of ₹25,000/month and

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Own an EV for free

Zero security deposit

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Zero petrol and maintenance cost

Charging and maintenance absolutely free.

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Guaranteed fixed salary

Get minimum guaranteed daily income.

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Flexible working hours

Full-time & part-time options available.

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Weekly payouts

Get paid every wednesday.

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Accident and medical insurance covered

We care for our drivers.

Join us & earn in many ways


Joining bonuses


Attendance incentives


Performance incentives


Referral bonuses


Team Lead Promotion Incentives


Loyalty rewards incentives

Say no to toxic work environment & Enjoy the benefits of exciting perks!

Promotion to fleet manager

We promote you to become a team leader after 8 months of working as a driver.

Advance payouts

We provide early access to your salaries for urgent needs.

Family medical insurance

We take care of your family as well.

Children's education benefits

While you work with TOCAL, your children's future is secure with us.

Safety kit for women drivers

We promote gender equality in our organization and also provide a comfortable environment for women to work.

Hit the road and make money: Become an Independent Driver Today!

Our sustainable delivery champions shaping the future of logistics

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What our drivers say about us!



TOCAL values its delivery boys and treats them with respect.The company understands our needs and i am earning a good amount of money as a three wheeler driver



I am thrilled to share my experience working as a delivery boy for TOCAL. Over the past months, i am able to take care of my family needs with amazing benefits and incentives provided by the company.



I no longer have to rely on my petrol bike expenses. With the electric scooter from TOCAL i am able to save alot from my earnings.



Electric scooter, routinely pay, monthly incentives and additional benefits - what more could I ask in a rider job! Thanks to TOCAL



My friend recommended that I should join TOCAL as a three wheeler driver in Bangalore. I would like to thank the company for their efforts to enhance our livelihood.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a vehicle required to work as a delivery boy?

    No, we will provide you with the vehicle.

  • What are the documents required to become a delivery boy?

    A valid driver's license, Aadhar card and good communication skills.

  • How do I reach the customer address?

    You can use GPS navigation or maps according to the trip sheet given to you.

  • What are some safety precautions I should take while delivering packages?

    Always wear a helmet and other protective gear if required, drive defensively, follow traffic rules.

  • How do I handle customer complaints or issues with deliveries?

    Be responsive and professional when communicating with customers, listen to their concerns and try if you can solve it. If necessary, escalate the issue to your manager or supervisor for further assistance.

  • What are the typical working hours and pay for a delivery boy?

    Working hours can vary depending on the location and work type. Both part-time or full-time shifts, including evenings and weekends are available.

  • How can I improve my performance as a delivery boy?

    Focus on providing excellent customer service, be efficient with your deliveries, and communicate effectively with your team and customers.